Ítarefni um möntrur og jóga hljóðs

Here is a collection of resources for Sound and Mantra that we have found useful:

Mantra Pronunciation

  • These audio recordings of mantras are from the Aquarian Teacher manual used in KRI Level 1 Teacher Training:


  • Additional audio recordings of mantras used in Kundalini Yoga. From the KRI website:


  • Mantra-pedia offered by Spirit Voyage. An encyclopedia of various mantras, their meanings, and, where available, recordings of those mantras:


Gurmukhi Language Instruction

Gurbani Kirtan Shabds for printing


Modern poetic translations of Japji Sahib:

Guruka Singh – Download eBook:http://ebookbrowse.com/guruka-singh-japji-sahib-naad-translation-may-2004-doc-d140915341